Embark on a cruise on the Seine this Valentine's Day

Embark on a cruise on the Seine this Valentine's Day

What could be more romantic than a cruise on the Seine, enjoying the view from the famous river of the most beautiful Parisian monuments gorgeously illuminated in the night? A regular cruise or a dinner cruise with your loved one to celebrate Valentine's Day will live in your memories forever!


A night cruise on the Seine; a magically timeless experience

It’s well known that a sure-fire recipe for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening involves treating both the eyes and the taste buds! Give your loved one an unforgettable Valentine's Day by taking a cruise on one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, the Seine. Learn the nocturnal secrets of the City of Light aboard a fully glazed cruise boat allowing a panoramic view of your surroundings. The majestic river takes you on a return voyage past legendary Parisian landmarks illuminated by a thousand lights in the starry night. Along the way you’ll see the Iron Lady standing proudly, the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and many other world-famous landmarks pass before your eyes. The buildings and bridges are exquisitely lit, adding to the enchantment. Only one thing could make the experience more wonderful; opting for a cruise package including a romantic dinner.


A dinner cruise along one of the most beautiful avenues of Paris

During this romantic trip you can enjoy a candlelit dinner; a romantic and lovingly prepared meal that honours the world-class reputation of French gastronomy. Freshly prepared every day on board, it favours the taste and authenticity of carefully selected ingredients. This gourmet dinner is accompanied by musicians whose talents will add to the warm and intimate ambiance, one conducive to the exchange of pledges of love. Tables set adjacent to large windows will put you in the front row to admire the night-time loveliness of Paris. You will be attended by a dedicated maître d'hôtel and a discreet and attentive serving staff who will see to your every need for two hours of pure happiness. If you wish your evening to be even more magical, please note that you can also enjoy a dinner cruise with a Lido or Moulin Rouge cabaret show featuring dancers from those famous establishments.



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