Enjoy some amazing ice cream in Paris this summer

Enjoy some amazing ice cream in Paris this summer

During these beautiful summer days, the urge to cool off with a delicious ice cream while strolling around the city is strong. But if you’re planning to indulge, why limit yourself to classic flavours such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla? Why not surprise your taste buds with daringly innovative ice creams characteristic of the gastronomic audacity for which Paris is renowned?


Maison Fabien Foenix; more than a hundred flavours

In the chic 17th arrondissement you’ll find an ice cream parlour that is the very epitome of originality; the Maison Fabien Foenix. This is a glacier like no other, a place where you’re certain to find a flavour that is exactly what you want because there’s no fewer than one hundred to choose from! Lovers of rare and exotic delicacies, this will be your frosty oasis, the place you’ll return to time and time again to enjoy lychee and rose petals, avocado and guacamole or mojito ices.


La Tropicale, a breath of fresh air from Asia

Located in the 13th arrondissement, the capital’s Asian quarter, the ice cream maker La Tropicale will fulfil your desire for exoticism and fantastic new flavours. You’ll be both surprised and intrigued by a menu in which each new ice cream you see seems more exciting than the last. Will you try a saffron and ginger, or perhaps a yuzu and Espelette pepper? Ice cream flavour taste adventurers, this glacier is for you!


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